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I decided to release the book for public download, which was my initial plan anyways. In the future there will be no official 'second edition' of The Science of Electric Guitars and Guitar Electronics, as the material will live and float around here in the Internet. If time permits, I will add and edit the material on this pdf-version. This 'upgraded version' will be developed and published only here at this website. The revision date in the first page will updated accordingly on every 'new release' and the listing below will give more detailed information about the changes made to each chapter.
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Change logs per each chapter:
List of changes (21.04.2013): -

Chapter 1: Intro
List of changes (21.04.2013):
--- added one more method for the transistor bias calculations
--- added an example matrix for determining the output impedance
--- added a SPICE model for determining the output impedance

Chapter 2: Vibes
List of changes (21.04.2013): -

Chapter 3: Guitar pickups
List of changes (02.07.2013): -

Chapter 4: Guitar tone control circuits
List of changes (02.07.2013): -

Chapter 5: Guitar cables
List of changes (02.07.2013): -

Chapter 6: Effect devices
List of changes (02.07.2013):
--- added one more method for fuzz and wah circuit bias calculations
--- added a discussion on feedback in the section covering the fuzz effect
List of changes (13.04.2014):
--- rewrote section covering the phase-shift oscillator
List of changes (01.07.2014):
--- rewrote section covering feedback

Chapter 7: Guitar amplifiers
List of changes (02.07.2013): -

Chapter 8: Loudspeakers
List of changes (02.07.2013): -

Chapter 9: Tuning devices
List of changes (02.07.2013): -

Chapter 10: Outro
List of changes (02.07.2013): -

Nomenclature and Appendices
List of changes (13.04.2014):
--- added octave script for phase-shift oscillator design

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