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The book provides examples of simple mathematical models for the complete signal chain consisting of the electric guitar and related accessories. Several do-it-yourself books have been written with the emphasis only on building a pre-specified circuit according to step-by-step instructions. This book takes one step further and brings up the designer perspective on guitar electronics. The importance of mathematics as a tool for design and analysis is emphasised throughout the text. Often in similar publications the use of mathematics is avoided as much as possible, but the fact is that mathematics provides ways to analyse circuits before spending time and money on random prototype builds. For more information on the contents of the book, check out the table of contents and the Google Books preview

You can download a free PDF copy of the manuscript directly from the pdf-version page. Primarily I just want everyone to have equal possibilities to read the book. That is why I offer the chance to download the book for free.

Errors found from the book after publishing are documented in the errata. (updated on 18.10.2015)
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