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This website coexists with the book "The Science of Electric Guitars and Guitar Electronics", which was in print for a five year period from late 2012 to early 2018. New printed copies are not available anymore. The book was available as a printed paperback (ISBN: 9789522864208) and e-book (ISBN: 9789522860835) versions. In addition to providing extra material and possible updates related to the contents of the book, this site offers the possibility to acquire the manuscript of the book free of charge directly from the author. Please refer to the book page for more information.

The theory page offers some extended material on the basics of circuit analysis and on the basic physics related to electric guitars and guitar accessories. Some unrelated material of random scientific subjects is added there as well. The simulations page contains examples on using SPICE and Octave as tools for simulating electric circuits. More material will be added as time permits to produce it. Most of the theoretical material will be available in PDF format.

The links section provides pointers to other pages related to electric guitar technologies and the contact information of the author can be found on the contact page. All comments, suggestions and error findings regarding the book are warmly welcome.
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